Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at WEIS 2016:

  • Consumer Attitudes Toward Data Breach Notifications and Loss of Personal Information
    Lillian Ablon, Paul Heaton, Diana Lavery and Sasha Romanosky
  • MyTrackingChoices: Pacifying the Ad-Block War by Enforcing User Privacy Preferences
    Jagdish Prasad Achara, Javier Parra-Arnau and Claude Castelluccia
  • Malware and Market Share
    Daniel Arce
  • Market Segmentation and Software Security: Pricing Patching Rights
    Terrence August, Duy Dao and Kihoon Kim
  • Perverse Incentives in Security Contracts: A Case Study in the Colombian Power Grid
    Carlos Barreto and Alvaro A Cardenas
  • International Comparison of Bank Fraud Reimbursement: Customer Perceptions and Contractual Terms
    Ingolf Becker, Alice Hutchings, Ruba Abu-Salma, Ross Anderson, Nicholas Bohm, Steven J. Murdoch, M. Angela Sasse and Gianluca Stringhini
  • Whack-a-mole: Asymmetric Conflict and Guerrilla Warfare in Web Security
    Pern Hui Chia, John Chuang and Yanling Chen
  • Risk Management for Third Party Payment Networks
    Willem van Driel, Carlos Gañán, Maikel Lobbezoo and Michel van Eeten
  • The Impact of DDoS and Other Security Shocks on Bitcoin Currency Exchanges: Evidence from Mt. Gox
    Neil Gandal, Tyler Moore, Amir Feder and James Hamrick
  • Strategic News Bundling and Privacy Breach Disclosures
    Sebastien Gay
  • The Days Before Zero Day: Investment Models for Secure Software Engineering
    Chad Heitzenrater, Rainer Böhme and Andrew Simpson
  • Privacy and Security Through the Lens of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Economics
    Chris Hoofnagle
  • Determining an Optimal Threshold on the Online Reserves of a Bitcoin Exchange
    Samvit Jain, Edward Felten and Steven Goldfeder
  • National-level risk assessment: A multi-country study of malware infections
    Fanny Lalonde Lévesque, José M. Fernandez, Anil Somayaji and Dennis Batchelder
  • Given Enough Eyeballs, All Bugs Shallow? Revisiting Eric Raymond with Bug Bounty Markets
    Thomas Maillart, Mingyi Zhao, Jens Grossklags and John Chuang
  • Measuring Attitude towards Risk Treatment Actions amongst Information Security Professionals: an Experimental Approach
    Konstantinos Mersinas, Bjoern Hartig, Keith Martin and Andrew Seltzer
  • Identity Theft as a Teachable Moment
    Vyacheslav Mikhed, Michael Vogan, Robert Hunt, Julia Cheney and Dubravka Ritter
  • Identifying How Firms Manage Cybersecurity Investment
    Tyler Moore, Scott Dynes and Frederick Chang
  • Join Me on a Market for Anonymity
    Malte Möser and Rainer Böhme
  • Estimating the costs of consumer-facing cybercrime: A tailored instrument and representative data for six EU countries
    Markus Riek, Rainer Boehme, Michael Ciere, Carlos Ganan and Michel van Eeten
  • Data Security in the Digital Age: Reputation and Strategic Interactions in Security Investment
    Ying Lei Toh